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Information advantage

Information advantage

We are in an era where the information we possess, and the personal ability and willingness to communicate it determines our worth and success

There is a misconception that this only empowers the biggest and most global of us, however it is equally true at all scales and actully it is te smallest and weakest who have to greatest potential incremental advantage.

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About Us

Sustance develops or consults in developing disruptive international information businesses.

Sustance Pty Ltd, established in June 1994 along with its sister company Benth Intl' Ltd, which was established more recently, participates in the innovation industries in Australasia and Asia, through our own activities andthe Angels Shanghai group founded by us.

Our focus moves with the innovation cycle as we are a project based organisation.

Early promoters of Angel and seed capital funding in P.R. China.

Angels Shanghai group, is now active in dialog and networking.

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